School Groups

Educational Cheese Talks at The Cheese Barrel

We have some very knowledgeable staff who love to share their passion for cheese.

We offer a 30 minute educational talk about all things cheese, from different kinds of milk to rennet & vegetarian cheese, pasteurisation & homogenisation, curds & whey, cheese for the lactose intolerant, the different kinds of cheese and of course we discuss all of this over cheese! We offer a tasting of 4 different styles that we munch on throughout the course of the discussions!

If there is a particular element of cheese making you’d like us to delve into, let us know prior and we’d be happy to tailor the talk to your desire!

Perfect for your hospitality students

Tastings: $5 per student (minimum 15 students)

Latest Booking: 11.00 am

Duration: 30 minutes

Bookings Essential

Student Winery Tours at Olive Farm

We understand that while some of your students may be 18, we only offer the “tour” part of our “Tour & Taste” to school students. We can focus on the chemistry side of wine making or offer you a more approachable winery tour explaining everything from vine to bottle.

Perfect for your science students

Tour: $15 per student (minimum 10 students)

Duration: 1 hour

Latest Booking: 11.00 am

Bookings Essential