Our Waste - What we do!

The grapes for the wine, the milk for the cheese, the beans for our coffee, the food for humanity it all has a reliance on the land and we don’t want to take that for granted. Below are a few of the ways that we endeavour to divert our waste from landfill, reduce our carbon foot print and encourage a circular economy. Our Waste Warrior wrote a blog detailing our journey towards reducing our waste and the policies and procedures we followed.


We re-use the packaging insulation paper (we get from suppliers to insulate the cheese during transportation) as kids colouring in paper and use it for wrapping our fragile merchandise upon purchase.

We re-use office scrap paper as note pads for taking orders from customers.

We re-use then recycle all the hard plastics we can.

We offer the cheeses boxes our Camembert and Brie arrive in to schools and community groups for art projects.

We offer our glass jars to community groups on facebook/wasteless shops etc. for free, so that they can be reused.

We reuse the cartons we store our wines in.

We sell It’s not plastic reusable water bottles.


We recycle our Cardboard with Veolia, we have a 4.5m3 bin emptied every 4 weeks.

We recycle our Glass Bottles.

We separate our soft plastics for RedCycle recycling. Staff drop these off at collection points.

We cut the Plastic Bottle Rings and remove the Lids off our juice/lemonade/milk bottles, allowing us to recycle the bottles themselves and also protect the wildlife. We collect the lids for the Saltbush Eco Store, who drop them off at Green Batch in Nedlands or donate them to schools for craft.

We store our metal Crowns and soft drink caps in a large oil can for recycling, so that when the can is recycled the caps don’t fall through and damage the machinery at the recycling facility.

We collect Bread Tags and take them to Saltbush Eco Store in Ellenbrook.

Food Service Gloves - we purchase a TerraCycle glove recycling collection box which we use to dispose of our food prep gloves.

We use Who Gives a Crap 100% recycled Toilet Paper. Who use 50% of their profits to help build toilets in developing countries.

As a dog friendly winery we also encourage our customers to use the recycled wrapping from our “Who Gives a Crap” toilet paper as free Doggy Poop Paper.

We have a collection point for Batteries and Printer Cartridges which we drop off at the Saltbush Eco Store who take them to the Bullsbrook Recycling Facility.


Write Solutions take all our compostables and compost them for us! We have a higher than average amount of dairy based food waste which can be pungent and rodent attracting, so we choose to compost offsite.

We compost our Coffee Grinds, Tea Leaves and all food waste (when it doesn’t get nicked by the staff for their chickens/worm farms).

The Last Straw – we don’t offer straws with our beverages anymore** unless on request, and when we do, we have compostable Paper Straws for service. We also sell reusable bamboo straws (Your Straw) in our merchandise section. **exceptions our Sangria, homemade lemon sprits, drinks served in mason jars, and T/A milkshakes receive a paper straw.

Cold T/A or kids beverages - we use BioCups from BioPak. BioCups are made from Ingeo (a bioplastic made from plants not oils) and are the only certified clear Cup and Lid that is compostable.

Hot T/A Beverages, we use compostable White BioCups (BioPak) that are made from paper sourced from managed plantations. The paper is lined with Ingeo (a bioplastic made from plants not oils) Babyccino, 8 Oz cups, 12 Oz cups.

Our Paper Hand Towels used for hand washing are compostable.

Endura Food Trays, we use compostable endura trays for lawn service and take away cheese boards. With our take away platters we provide Wooden Cutlery (BioPak) that naturally biodegrade not polluting the environment.

Napkins, unbleached, compostable napkins.

Our Paper T/A Carry Bags from PaperPak  are compostable

We are trial-ing onsite grape must composting.


We use canola Oil in some of our food prep. We dispose of our oil through Bioworks. We have a drum that once filled gets collected and converted into biodiesel (a biofuel).                      

We have Solar Panels fitted on top of our winery feeding solar energy into our grid that we use at both The Cheese Barrel and Olive Farm Winery. Approx 50% of the energy needs of The Cheese Barrel and Olive Farm Wines are met using solar energy.

We use Hydro-carbon Gas to fuel 50% of our refrigeration needs at the winery.  Hydro-carbon gas is a naturally occurring gas that allows more efficiency in the refrigeration units leading to less power use. The Cheese Barrel’s refrigeration has also been retrofitted with hydrocarbon gas. 

Balloons, Glitter and Plastic

We encourage group bookings wanting to decorate their table for a special occasion to choose alternatives to plastic such as fabric bunting, paper lanterns, natural florals & greenery etc.