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Mountain Man

Using the traditional methods of Roblochon, Timboon has crafted a wonderfully aromatic and creamy cheese made from local milk and cream. The cheese is washed frequently in brine while maturing in dark damp cellars to assist the development of the light orange rind and fudgy centre. The barnyard and herbaceous aromas are deceptive, the pate displays yeast and buttery notes.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Rose or Traminer

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Jensen Red

Light brine is smeared over the surface to encourage the growth of Brevi Bacterium. The vivid red is produced with Annatto (a natural food colouring). The outer texture is firm, sticky and salty. The interior is smooth and buttery with a full round flavour.

A sensational Australian washed rind.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Traminer or Rose

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Chaumes is a round, soft-ripened cheese with a bright orange washed rind and an ivory paste. The rind appears after several washings of the crust, along with brushing with some ferments. Chaumes is distinguished by soft, springy texture a rich, creamy paste and a hazelnut aftertaste.

Wine Pairing: Shimmer Frizzante or Viognier

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