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Margaret River Organic Camembert

This Camembert, made from organic milk produced in Margaret River, is one to behold. It’s a rich cheese with strong characteristics that will rival your more traditional French styles. Displaying a more savoury, earthy and almost olive like characteristics, this cheese is not your typical camembert. Being certified organic means that no hormones, pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics are given to the cows or grass they graze on.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Sparkling

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Kytren Chevre

The history of ash in the cheese making goes back hundreds of years. It was used as a method to protect the surface of young cheese. As years passed, they later discovered that it is also greatly improves the surface moulds and how they grow on fresh cheese for ripening. It also adds a mild nutty taste to the flavor of this light, fresh, slightly tangy Chevre.

Wine Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc Semillon or Verdelho

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HaVe OMG Blue

Depending on the degree of maturity, this cheese may vary in flavour from quite mild and nutty through to distinctly piquant and spicy.  This cheese is characterised by a network of green-blue veins of mould throughout the body of the cheese.  The veins are produced by piercing with fine stainless steel rods to also air into the cheese, so encouraging the internal growth of the blue mould and hence the lively tangy taste.

Wine Pairing: Shimmer Frizzante, Cane Cut Traminer

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Our name for this cheese speaks for itself, the usual reaction on first taste.  This sumptuous triple cream white mould cheese is made by a similar process to a camembert, but with the addition of a small proportion of cream to the cheese-milk to enrich the texture and flavor.  The rind is white when young, maturing to a straw colour when fully ripened. 

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Frizzante

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HaVe Ash Blonde

This cheese, although made initially by a similar process to a Camembert, is made with a fine layer of vegetable ash beneath the white-mould rind. In addition to giving a pleasant surface texture and resistance to the tooth, this slows the proteolytic activity of the moulds, enabling the cheese to ripen more from within, giving a somewhat milder flavour.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Sparkling

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Dellendale Churchill Raclette

A hand washed cows' milk cheese, it is European in style and matured for 8 weeks. It has a robust, aromatic and creamy flavour with earthy notes. The name comes from the road where the dairy is located in WA’s Great Southern, Denmark region. Raclette cheese originated in the French speaking areas in the Alpine regions of the Valais canton in Switzerland.  

Wine Pairing: Chenin Blanc or Merlot

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Chilli & Garlic Havarti

This popular cheese, of Danish origin, has a mild paste and flexible texture, making it very approachable for people who have not developed a palate for strong-tasting cheese. This cheese is a cross between a Gouda and Edam styles. The smooth textured cheese is riddled with fine garlic and chilli fragments to provide both warm and spicy flavours.

Wine Pairing: Traminer or Rose

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Cambray Cream Brie

With the addition of extra cream this Brie has a rich and buttery taste. Matured in the traditional way, the cure softening from the outside first leaving a slightly firmer centre.

Wine Pairing: Shimmer Sparkling or Shimmer Frizzante                                                                                           

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Bookara Feta    

Whilst still being a young cheese without a heavy gamey taste, our Persian Feta is a soft cheese rich with the taste of local Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Very few fetas on the market use natural olive oil as a preserving agent. Our olive oil sets hard in the refrigerator, allowing this product to be used as an enticing spread on crusty bread, or crumbled over a crisp green salad.  

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Rose or Traminer

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