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Roquefort has a tingly pungent taste, a distinct bouquet, and a flavor that combines the sweet burnt-caramel taste of sheep's milk with the sharp, metallic tang of the blue mold.

As an AOC designated cheese, Roquefort is made specifically from the milk of the Lacaune breed of sheep, in the regions of southern France. The area is famous for its limestone geology, which dictates the species of grass and wildflowers that grow upon it, and thus influences the taste of the milk.The mold that gives Roquefort its distinctive character (Penicillium roqueforti) is found in the soil of the local caves.

Wine Pairing: Liqueur Verdelho

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Marcel Petit Comte

Named after founder Marcel Petite whose philosophy of simplicity led to a process of organic farming and ‘Affinage Lent’ or slow maturing. This AOC accredited cheese has a firm, dense mouth feel with a lingering sweet nutty finish. It has been aged for between 10 – 20 months in the cellars of Fort Saint Antoine.

Wine Pairing: Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon

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