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Provolone is light yellow in colour and is a very smooth cheese, producing a strong aroma and offering a bold, nutty flavour. Picante provolone is aged minimum 12 months. A full wheel of this aged Italian Provolone weighs around 120 lbs and is raditionally used as a grilling and melting cheese.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Tempranillo or Shiraz

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One of the most famous benchmark cheeses; Italian Gorgonzola. A mould is introduced early in the cheese making process and steel needles are pierced into the cheese to enable oxygen to nourish the mould. Matured in two styles: Dolce (min 50 days) or Piccante (min 80 days). 

Wine Pairing: Muscat or Cane Cut Traminer

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Fior D'Aranacio

The name Fior d’Arancio comes from a type of sweet wine the cheese is steeped in.. Before being placed in barrels the cheese is drilled with holes so the wine can penetrate. The cheese is steeped in wine for about 30 days. The taste is of extraordinary elegance with a good balance between freshness, flavour and sweetness.     

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Traminer, Cane Cut Traminer or Crystal

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Bucaro Pepato 

Pecorino is a hard, salty Italian cheese, suitable primarily for grating, made out of sheep’s milk (the Italian word pecora, from which the name derives, means sheep). It is produced exclusively from the milk of sheep raised on the plains of Lazio and in Sardinia. Produced in Sardinia, this cheese has existed for centuries. It has received the D.O.P. seal and is rightfully one of Italy’s most prestigious traditional cheeses. The peppercorns are added at the end to give it a little spice.

Wine Pairing: Traminer or Shiraz

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