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Udder Delights Brie

As the name suggests cream is added to the milk to increase the amount of butterfat before continuing to form the curds into a luscious Brie style cheese. Due to the increased level of cream there is a balanced acidity to offset the increased decadent buttery texture.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Sparkling

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Goat's Brie

Our Goats Brie and Camembert are luscious, surface ripened goat cheeses with a delicate texture and subtle flavour. They are perfect for a cheese platter accompanied by figs or pears. Feel the sides of the cheese before cutting it open. If it is very soft, then carefully cut a lid out of the top to create a self-contained bowl of oozy paste that looks beautiful and will keep the platter neat.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Frizzante

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Brie Couronne  

This is not a middle of the road Brie but a French – rich tasting, double cream Brie with a creamy texture and slight mushroomy, zesty and peppery characteristics. This Brie is made from ultra-filtrated cow’s milk. Removing some of the water content boosts that divine texture on the palate.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Rouge, Shimmer Frizzante or Merlot

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