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Udder Delights Brie

As the name suggests cream is added to the milk to increase the amount of butterfat before continuing to form the curds into a luscious Brie style cheese. Due to the increased level of cream there is a balanced acidity to offset the increased decadent buttery texture.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Sparkling

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Surprise Bay Cheddar

King Island Dairy Surprise Bay Cheddar is a full-flavoured, open textured cheddar. Its crumbly consistency provides a very satisfying bite and moist sweetness, following a 12 month maturation process. Surprise Bay Cheddar is named after the bay on the island's south west which has a beautiful remote sandy beach.

Wine Pairing: Merlot or Shiraz

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Mountain Man

Using the traditional methods of Roblochon, Timboon has crafted a wonderfully aromatic and creamy cheese made from local milk and cream. The cheese is washed frequently in brine while maturing in dark damp cellars to assist the development of the light orange rind and fudgy centre. The barnyard and herbaceous aromas are deceptive, the pate displays yeast and buttery notes.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Rose or Traminer

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Jensen Red

Light brine is smeared over the surface to encourage the growth of Brevi Bacterium. The vivid red is produced with Annatto (a natural food colouring). The outer texture is firm, sticky and salty. The interior is smooth and buttery with a full round flavour.

A sensational Australian washed rind.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Traminer or Rose

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Heysen Blue

Named after Hans Heysen (Hi-Sen), a famous landscape artist of our region. When young, Heysen Blue is quite firm and moist with a fresh, slightly cheddar flavour. As it ages, the flavour deepens and develops a greater fruity complexity with little salt and a rich melt in the mouth creaminess.

Wine Pairing: Tawny

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Heidi Raclette

One of Australia’s most awarded cheeses. Heidi Farm cheeses are produced using milk from neighbouring farms, giving them a consistent quality and unique characteristics that are specific to the location. The pate’ is smooth and elastic, yet supple and dense. It has an intense perfume and mildly nutty flavour. The rind of the cheese is washed and scrubbed during production, promoting flavour development and ripening. Traditionally Raclette is melted on a raclette burner, scraped and eaten with boiled waxy potatoes and pickles.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Merlot or Tempranillo

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Healy's Pyengana Cheddar

Australia’s oldest specialist cheese and apart from pasteurisation is made using traditional handmade techniques. The curds are formed into rounds, clothbound, pressed on an antique Victorian bed press and matured in a humid cellar (12 months for the 18kg rounds). The result is a slightly sweet (honey) crumbly cheese with subtle herbaceous flavours.

Wine Pairing: Chardonnay, Shiraz or Durif

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Goat's Brie

Our Goats Brie and Camembert are luscious, surface ripened goat cheeses with a delicate texture and subtle flavour. They are perfect for a cheese platter accompanied by figs or pears. Feel the sides of the cheese before cutting it open. If it is very soft, then carefully cut a lid out of the top to create a self-contained bowl of oozy paste that looks beautiful and will keep the platter neat.

Wine Pairing: Olivine Brut or Shimmer Frizzante

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