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Surprise Bay Cheddar

King Island Dairy Surprise Bay Cheddar is a full-flavoured, open textured cheddar. Its crumbly consistency provides a very satisfying bite and moist sweetness, following a 12 month maturation process. Surprise Bay Cheddar is named after the bay on the island's south west which has a beautiful remote sandy beach.

Wine Pairing: Merlot or Shiraz

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Red Leicester  

Is a hard cheese, similar to Cheddar but much more moist, crumblier with a milder flavour. It matures faster than cheddar and can be sold as young as two months. A good Leicester cheese can be identified by a firm body and a close, flaky texture. A good cheese tastes slightly sweet with an almost caramel flavour and builds up a more robust taste as it ages.

Wine Pairing: Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon

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Provolone is light yellow in colour and is a very smooth cheese, producing a strong aroma and offering a bold, nutty flavour. Picante provolone is aged minimum 12 months. A full wheel of this aged Italian Provolone weighs around 120 lbs and is raditionally used as a grilling and melting cheese.

Wine Pairing: Viognier, Tempranillo or Shiraz

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Landana 500 Days

After 500 days of ripening, their cheese master couldn't wait any longer. At this point the cheese is so delicious that it reached absolute perfection. This cheese has a nutty caramel taste and a rich buttery finish with a crystalline crunchy texture.

Wine Pairing: Merlot, Chenin Blanc or Viognier

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Healy's Pyengana Cheddar

Australia’s oldest specialist cheese and apart from pasteurisation is made using traditional handmade techniques. The curds are formed into rounds, clothbound, pressed on an antique Victorian bed press and matured in a humid cellar (12 months for the 18kg rounds). The result is a slightly sweet (honey) crumbly cheese with subtle herbaceous flavours.

Wine Pairing: Chardonnay, Shiraz or Durif

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One of the most famous benchmark cheeses; Italian Gorgonzola. A mould is introduced early in the cheese making process and steel needles are pierced into the cheese to enable oxygen to nourish the mould. Matured in two styles: Dolce (min 50 days) or Piccante (min 80 days). 

Wine Pairing: Muscat or Cane Cut Traminer

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Chilli & Garlic Havarti

This popular cheese, of Danish origin, has a mild paste and flexible texture, making it very approachable for people who have not developed a palate for strong-tasting cheese. This cheese is a cross between a Gouda and Edam styles. The smooth textured cheese is riddled with fine garlic and chilli fragments to provide both warm and spicy flavours.

Wine Pairing: Traminer or Rose

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Cave Aged Cheddar

A traditional handmade cheddar using milk from Dorset farms. The truckles are matured in the natural limestone caves of Wookey’s Hole. Wrapped in traditional cheesecloth wrap this allows the cheese to breathe whilst maturing and helps give it a distinct earthy finish. It has a has a slightly sweet flavour,  is full and creamy, with a tangy bite. 

Wine Pairing: Merlot or Tempranillo

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Bucaro Pepato 

Pecorino is a hard, salty Italian cheese, suitable primarily for grating, made out of sheep’s milk (the Italian word pecora, from which the name derives, means sheep). It is produced exclusively from the milk of sheep raised on the plains of Lazio and in Sardinia. Produced in Sardinia, this cheese has existed for centuries. It has received the D.O.P. seal and is rightfully one of Italy’s most prestigious traditional cheeses. The peppercorns are added at the end to give it a little spice.

Wine Pairing: Traminer or Shiraz

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