Not your ordinary cheese toastie! - GRILLED CHEESE, YES PLEASE

By Jordan Kuchel

12th April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!


So we thought we’d put together our staff’s favourite cheese toast recipes for you.

Grilled cheese toasties are a staple in every young Australians diet. We all grew up with it, and they often evoke strong nostalgia. From the oozing cheese dripping down the sides of the charring bread, to that crispy and caramelised piece of heaven that forms when the cheese hits the sandwich press. There is a lot to love about the humble old cheese Toasty. It comes to no surprise that the toasty has since transformed from its roots of cheddar, bread and butter to become the gourmet delight that we've aged up with ourselves through the decades... and of course it has it's own day of the year to be celebrated!

At the Cheese Barrel we stock nearly 85 different cheeses in our cabinet, and of course we all have our favourite go to cheese/meat/relish combos. (Especially the staff when they conveniently forget their lunches..)


On our menu you'll be able to find an old classic. The plain cheese toasty. We have our own signature blend of 3 different cheeses that we use to create this masterpiece. Cheddar and Gouda topped off with a delicious, savoury stretched curd Mozzarella. Your kids, their parents and maybe even your grandies will go nuts for this combination.


Next on our line up is my personal but unconventional favourite. The Kytren Chevre, a fresh goat’s delight sprinkled with a think layer of vegetable ash. This Cheese comes from Gidgegannup, no more than 20 minutes from our shop in the Swan Valley. I like to pair this slightly tangy, creamy and herbaceous cheese with the likes of our house made sweet onion jam. The onion jam recipe is a carefully guarded family secret passed down from Yurisich to Yurisich. Our winemaker’s sister Kelly is this generations guardian of the secret, so I can’t tell you what it is; However, I can tell you that it is everything beautiful about caramelised onion and more. The sweetness perfectly contrasts with the tangy acidity of the goats cheese which I love to have on our seed dusted wholemeal.



We don’t just have your traditional cheeses in our cabinet. We have styles that showcase the best of another product wrapped in a cheesy form. I present to you; THE TRUFFLE CHEDDAR! The truffle cheddar is the king of our savoury cheeses. Loved by all, this soft textured, wax wrapped youthful cheddar holds nothing back. The truffles flavours its infused with are anything but subtle, and as such we like to pair it with a relish that also knows how to holds its own. The Spicy Tomato Relish also a family secret is our pick, packed full of chunky tomatoes, roasted capsicums, numerous spices and just enough cayenne pepper to give it the heat you desire. It’s a winner matched with the likes of the truffle cheddar, toasted on parisienne baguette.


Another of our staff favourites is a more traditional cheese when it comes to the world of grilling and melting. The Nullaki made down south (just across the bay of Denmark) from cows milk, is a surface washed raclette. The cheese itself gets bathed in ground up acacia wattle seeds (a native flower). The seeds itself enhance that toasty, nutty savoury flavour that’s fairly classic to your melted raclettes. Hannah, our resident till person and toasty guru loves it with Piccalilli. The might of cauliflower, zucchini and onion blended into pickled form for your relish!

Next time your cravings for a grilled cheese toasty overcomes you, you know where we are ;) we have too many combinations to resist.