Frequently Asked Questions at The Cheese Barrel

Looking for some answers? We put together a list of the most asked questions we usually get at The Cheese Barrel. We hope this helps you in your cheese journey :)

Do you sell cheeses to take away?

Yes we do :) All the cheeses in the cabinet are available to take away.

What time do you close?

We close at 5pm, but all dine-in orders close at 4:30pm.

Is there a charge for cheese tastings?

There is no charge for cheese tastings. Cheese tastings is free and available for groups of up to 9 people. For bigger groups please check our group tastings packages.

What are vegetarian cheeses?

Vegetarian cheeses are the ones that use vegetable based rennet to curdle the cheese. You can read all about it on our blog post “What are vegetarian cheeses?”.

Do you have Gluten Free Option?

Yes we do. We offer Gluten Free bread rools, crackers, carrot cake & caramel slice. Plus, all cheeses are gluten free!! :)

Are you have disability access?

Yes we do. Our venue is designed to be accessible, with ramp access to the downstairs area, no stairs to the main building, disabled parking bays & dedicated ambulant toilet.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes! We love our fur friends, but they do have to stay in the downstairs area only :)

Are your cheeses made here?

We are not a cheese producer and therefore we don’t make any of the cheeses. Whilst we do make our own wines, the cheeses come from all over the world, including Western Australia.

Where are the cows?

Unfortunately, all the cows we have on site are the toy ones in the fridge. Since we are not cheese producers, we don’t have any cows on site.

Where’s your wine from?

We are from the same family as Olive Farm Wines, and all our wines are made on site. To get to our building you drive in between our beautiful vines, where the grapes are grown and the wines are made on the building right next to us.

Do make wine from Olives?

No we don’t :) Olive Farm Wines carries that name because the founder of the winery also had an Olive Farm in our previous property in Guildford.

Do I need to book for cheese tasting?

We don’t take bookings for cheese tastings.However, if you are coming with a group of 10 or more and you would like to experience our Cheese & Wine Group Tastings, bookings are essential.

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