Pair those bubbles!

The sun is out, the sky is blue and our customers are already enjoying our awesome lawn area at The Cheese Barrel.

Not only the lawn… but also the three different types of sparkles we carry!!! Yes, you heard us right... OliveFarm wines produce four different sparkling wines and three of them are available for dining in at TCB (however, if you really want that Rouge ask us how we can help you with that).


Sparkling wines are served chilled and when combined with beautiful bubbles and crisp fruity flavours, they are a perfect refreshing option for the warm weather. Like seriously, who doesn't love a nice cold bubbly sparkling in the sun?

We certainly do! Better yet, we love sparkles perfectly paired with creamy, rich and delicious soft cheeses. The bubbles in the sparkling wine work through the fat in the cheese breaking it down, giving the cheese a lighter feel and cleansing the palate, leaving you wanting more!

Our fridge is constantly changing at The Cheese Barrel; we have our favouritechesses that are always on our menu such as the popular La Buche D’Afinois, the Western Australian HaVe Ash Blonde and the flavoursome LeRustique plus limited edition cheeses.

At the moment, we have 14 different options of soft cheeses for you to pick from!

Here are some pairing combos for your next dine in or take away visit:

1.      French that fromage Mon Amie

La Buche D'Afinois Tasting

The La Buche D’Afinois is a beautiful French Brie style. We say brie style because the process to make is different than that for a Brie. As one of the most popular cheeses from the Fromagerie Guilloteau, the technique of ultra-filtration, co-created by Jean-Claude Guilloteau, extracts more water from the cheese giving it a richer silkier texture and a buttery finish. It is surely one of the most popular cheeses at The Cheese Barrel!

To complement this French beauty, enjoy with our fruity Shimmer Sparkling. Made using Chenin Blanc grapes in the traditional méthode champenoise style. This Sparkling wine is light, crisp and fresh on the palate, it is sure to delight with soft citrus fruits like lemon and sweet lime, hints of green apple to the nose and zesty bubbles creating a tantalising bead.

The combination is a blast! The fruity flavours will enhance those buttery notes and refreshes the palate by cleansing the fat away bringing out the silkiness of the cheese.

2.      Aussie wine, Aussie cheese

OFW Frizzante is just THE BEST pairing for the Western Australian OMG Blue. This Shiraz and frontignac blend is driven by a sherbet (if you don’t what that is, here’s a hint... it's like ice cream) candied sweetness on the nose and fresh raspberries and strawberries on the palate with a hint of cream.

HaVe’s OMG Blue is a rich triple cream camembert combining white and blue mould, making it one of the most difficult cheeses to make. This Western Australian cheese is all you could ask for, a creamy runny texture with very subtle blue hints.

Our sparkling rose, or Shimmer Frizzante, will work out those fat contents on the OMG, enriching the creamy experience, while the sweetness of the wine balances with the sharpness of the blue notes. Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

3.      Boost those flavours up! 

Holy mama! This is too much for our little taste buds to handle!

Le Rustique.JPG


Le Rustique is one of the most flavoursome soft cheeses we sell at TCB. It’s a completely different experience to most camembert cheeses you might have tried before. With an abundance of savoury flavours this French camembert carries garlicy and cauliflower notes, with a crunchy almost bitter rind.

Olivine Brut is our aged méthode champenoise style dry sparkling wine, made from the French Madeliene grape varietal. With beautiful savoury characteristics on the palate, followed by melon and a soft acidity, it displays classic yeasty and doughy characteristics thanks to its age in contact with lees.

Be prepared for a taste explosion when you put the two together! The saltiness and cauliflower flavours will just pop in your mouth, while the zesty and yeasty bubbles cleanse all the strong notes away leaving you with a feeling of wanting more.