Cheese, cheese and more's cheese and wine heaven...yum !! Oh and coffee too, a great selection of all your favourites plus organic fair trade fizzy drinks, milkshakes,'s all here.

So just to clarify: we are not a cheese factory guys, we are a speciality cheese & wine cafe, purpose built by Olive Farm wines for you to enjoy their wines perfectly paired with your cheese selection, only 30 minutes away from Perth city centre.

We have so much fun pairing our wines with the amazing cheese selection. So many delicious combinations we can't wait to share with you, and if you've found an amazing pairing make sure to tell us about it !!

But cheese is all about taste right? That's why we offer a selection of 3 - 4 cheeses for complimentary tastings each day. Please understand though sometimes we may have to close our tasting section for a little while during our busy lunch service. Got to get those cheese boards and paired wine flights out to the customers !!!


So whether your a cheese novice or a fully fledged Turophile (that's what they call a cheese aficionado) we'll have the cheese to excite your taste buds.

Our staff are super friendly and know lots about cheese. We are always here to answer any of your cheesy or wine questions...and if you're lucky maybe hit you with a cheesy pun or two...